• Deep

Indian Curry in Tokyo

Today I ate Indian Curry after a very long time and it was absolutely delicious! Some of you may be able to tell from my pictures, but I am Indian by ethnicity: Both my parents are of Indian descent. Therefore, I would like to think that I can tell good Indian food, from bad Indian food.

Today I went to an Indian curry shop that is located right next to 立会川駅, which is on the Keikyu line and is located in 品川区. This was the first time I ate at that this shop and I was very pleasantly surprised! Firstly, the curry's were not oily at all. Usually, Indian curry is oily, hence why I don't eat it very often. However, this shop's curry was not oily at all and still was very flavourful! Secondly, this shop looks like it was renovated recently and the decor and atmosphere were really nice inside. In addition, the restaurant was very clean!

I think Indian food in Tokyo is of very high quality, definitely better than what can be found in Canada. Indian food is also great for vegetarians and seeing that meat free options are hard to come by in Japan, Indian food might be a lifesaver for vegetarians.