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New series: English word of the day! Todays word:

こんにちは皆さん!I am going to be starting a new series: English word of the day! These will be short posts where I will introduce people to new, useful english words everyday. Now these words could be 'slang', expressions or complex words used in specific professions (medical, legal etc). I believe that one of the best ways to improve your english proficiency is to increase your vocabulary, hence why I am starting this series.

Todays word is 'Tension':これは日本語で緊張です!Usually, we use this word to describe the mood in a certain environment: For example, "There was a lot of tension in the room" (日本語で:部屋にはたくさんの緊張があった). Tension is the noun (名詞) form. Another popular way of using tension is in the adjective (形容詞) form, 'tense': For example, "Things were really tense" (日本語で:物事は本当に緊張感があった).

I hope this series will be helpful to english learners and will allow them to learn new vocabulary!