• Deep

Udon for dinner tonight!

Tonight I went to my favourite udon restaurant near 大門駅. Now, I don't know the name of the restaurant because it's written in Kanji (I can just read the hiragana portion of the name, which says 'udon' haha).

I always order the ごぼ天牛肉うどん(in the picture) when I go to this restaurant for two reasons. Firstly, I have never seen ごぼ天うどん at any other udon restaurants, so it is refreshing to order something different when eating udon. Most udon shops offer the same kind of toppings, so it's great to see something different! Secondly, the soup at this restaurant is very delicious and is probably my favourite soup out of all the udon/soba restaurants I have been to in Tokyo: The soup is light but still has lots of flavour.

I would recommend this udon restaurant to everyone. It is located near the big gate leading up to zojoji. This place is definitely a must try if you are a udon connoisseur!